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Thanks for being here. 

My name is
 Cally and I am a yoga instructor, trauma-release breathwork facilitator, artist, musician, + lover of this wildly beautiful life. My mission is to empower others to feel connected to their truth + higher selves by working to transcend the limiting beliefs that we all hold on to. I believe we all crave deep expression + in order to fully step into that part of ourselves, we must first be willing to become intimate with our trauma + the stories that made us. Before I found my place in yoga and breath I was closed off from my power, my voice, my gifts, + the self-knowing that I had hungered for. I was stuck in this feeling of suspended discomfort + had no idea what was coming next.

I was sleepwalking through my life.

I've learned that it takes patience, practice, the willingness to surrender to the fears, + the courage to lead with an open heart to become comfortable in the discomfort. I grew to love the spaces / people / things that uprooted my soul + tested all of my triggers + now I get to share what I've found with others. I am by no means perfect and I am still working on myself every day so that I can better serve my community.

I became certified to teach adaptive yoga, prenatal yoga, attained my 200RYT credentials, and studied one-on-one with one of the most knowledgable and intense breathwork teachers of our time to balance my offerings between inner and outer-body healing. Between the thousands of hours I've spent training and facilitating I have established a solid foundation within myself that my clients/students can feel. 

As a musician I find a lot of healing within sound. Through singing, chanting, guided meditation, and playing flute I am starting to bring immersive sound journey experiences to retreat spaces and beyond. All of my experiences have allowed me to adopt a unique holistic outlook on the relationship between intuition, breath, and movement. My dream is to help others put themselves first, prioritize inner peace, and find greater strength using a balance of these practices. I truly love what I do and I'm looking forward to working together!

instagram: @vesselhealing / @callyskye

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