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I'm happy you're here! Select this plan to get a taste of what this space (and the people drawn to this type of radical vulnerability) can feel like. Each month you'll have access to FOUR live and recorded sessions (see left) that will give you helpful resources, relevant themes to scaffold your healing, and tools to change your perspective. I believe the key to releasing trauma is uprooting our old systems of belief and becoming more aware of ourselves when we're experiencing heightened emotional states. By learning to observe ourselves at these peak emotional moments we can respond with greater clarity and authenticity to anything that comes into our life whether we wake up on the right side of the bed or not.


This type of trauma-release Breathwork is a tool to rewire underperforming patterns of thought and action, uncover inner strength, and find release. It also presents us with the opportunity to call in profound joy, beauty, love, and euphoria.

This is a JOURNEY. Ripple will guide you towards what you're searching for as you keep evolving into your best and most honest self.

In addition to these monthly member benefits, you'll also have exclusive access to:

new curated playlists every month, guided meditations, journaling challenges, Q&A sessions, + more as RIPPLE grows! Can't make it to every session? No worries! Every past masterclass and healing session will be saved in our member's area, so you can return to the content whenever you need it!

Ripple is your invitation to dive deeper. What will you find just beneath the surface?

See you soon,


CEO / Founder of Vessel and Ripple