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“Going through a breath-work session with Cally is like falling through an endless cloud of comfort and healing. Any uncertainty or nerves I had entering into the session, Cally completely wiped away by educating me and effortlessly explaining what the journey was going to be like. There is no right or wrong way to travel through these sessions with Cally. I will say, it’s one of the most influential and important practices I’ve ever experienced and felt as if it was a missing piece of my puzzle to self healing and growth. Not only am I gaining skills mentally, my anxiety has gone down, my lungs are physically stronger, and I feel more clarity in my thinking especially right after a session. I highly recommend breath-work as a daily practice to ANYONE, but with even more high regard I recommend specially Cally to take you through this magical healing experience. She is so deeply connected to herself and the Source and she’s able to share that energy so fluidly, allowing the most safe and open environment I’ve ever been apart of. You trying to level up? You’re in the right place. This is the work for you.”

- Andi H.

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“Cally rocked my sh*t. Her depth and breadth of knowledge, her ability to create a safe space for healing, and her joyful natural state created a wonderful atmosphere in which to release. She prepared me with a thorough briefing about breathwork’s background, efficacy, and safety, and then she commenced guiding me along an inner journey too beautiful to describe in words. It is not exaggerating to say the experience changed my life. I was able to confront, process, and release trauma that had been hidden from my conscious self, buried deep. Cally’s guidance allowed me to enter a different state of consciousness, one in which I could permanently resolve emotional pain. I cried and laughed harder than I’ve ever cried or laughed, totally free to express in a safe space. I came out the other side different. Fuller. Lighter. I am so grateful for Cally - I think everyone should experience her healing expertise!"

- Albert A.

 She didn't act as instructor so much as a guide through the process. And most often, I think that's all anyone needs: not answers, but guidance. I felt both empowered and disarmed to experience the simultaneous self control and surrender that comes with somatic isolation. By controlling my breath, I was in control of everything else ... . It helps so much knowing that you're in capable hands. As I closed my eyes and redirected my focus on my breath, I could feel the clenched fist in my chest and head relax ... . You're actively focused on your breath, but also keenly aware of your survival instinct as you breathe in slightly unnatural rhythms. It's hard to think about much else in that state. Removing frivolous thoughts, allowed me to find my natural thoughts again. I found my idle gear. I became less concerned with my body; I couldn't feel it anymore anyway. I was left with just my ego and any other petty things that take up real estate in my head. Before long, all of that became transparent as well. I was finally in contact with me again ... . I came out of this brief journey in my living room feeling New. Clean. Light. Hopeful. ... .Thanks to Cally, I now have another tool in my mental health box, and I know clarity is just a breath away."

"Breath work with Cally has been one of the most exhilarating and life affirming things I’ve done in recent memory. One session had me reconnecting with deeply engrained physical and mental tension that I had not realized. Doing this provided a feeling of clarity and an incredible acknowledgement and release of these tensions. It’s an exciting journey inward and I would recommended it to anyone interested in pursuing a greater sense of self and inner peace."

"I waited way too long to try a breathwork exercise.  Even though I knew I had a trustworthy guide, my pragmatic, productive attitude convinced me I had no time.  So instead I pushed down an exhausting path, chasing goals, until I ended up in this debilitating state of overdrive where I couldn't even hear my own voice I've trusted for so long anymore. I'd lost my internal peace.  I felt clogged, fatigued, and scared. I could no longer put it off ..., there's nothing like having a guide to enlighten you with new techniques and to create a healthy space for you, even if it's just in your own home
even if you don't know Cally personally, she creates a safe space, lets you know what to expect, and facilitates a personal experience.

- Josh S.

- Brian D.

I have never had such a grounding and elevating experience all at once!!! Cally is an AMAZING guide, and took me through this breathwork with grace and depth. I released so much emotional tension from my body, which is usually difficult for me, and Cally knew exactly what I needed in each moment of the session. I feel so much lighter, and like I’ve released some powerful energy blocks, and I’ve never had the same experience doing breathwork on my own. I can’t recommend Cally’s work enough 🤍"

- Zoe H.

"In all honesty, there are no words to truly describe what my breathwork session with Cally was like.  For one, she is an amazingly kind, radiant, and empathetic human being.  Her ability to show up as such a strong yet simultaneously gentle and loving presence is unparalleled.  She held my heart in her hands made me feel incredibly safe throughout the entire experience.  She took me on one hell of a journey, and the only word that I can use to describe it was LOVE.  She is a powerful vessel that radiates only the truest and purest kind of love found in this universe.  Thank you Cally, for being you and guiding me home over and over again."

- Katie O.

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